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Aktivētās ogles desulfurizācijas katalizatoru sērija

EAC-6 RSH un RSSR noņemšanas smalkais desulfurizācijas katalizators

EAC-6 RSH&RSSR-Removal Fine Desulfurization Catalyst has been used to protect the catalysts for ammonia synthesis and methanol synthesis by removing RSH and RSSR from feed gases (like natural gas and syngas). It has also been applied to remove RSH from industrial exhaust gases to mitigate environmental pollution. This product has been exported to North America and Europe to remove RSH in natural gas.

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EAC-6 RSH&RSSR-Removal Fine Desulfurization Catalyst  

Produkta apraksts  



Izmēri (mm)        

-3-4 × 3–15        

Tilpuma blīvums        

   0.55 ~ 0.75 kg/l        

Saspiešanas spēks, N/cm        

     ≥50N / cm        

Surface Area,m2/g    


   RSH ietilpība,%        

 ≥ 10%        

RSSR jauda,%    

≥ 5%        


Augsta sēra ietilpība;     

Can reduce outlet RSH to less than 0.03ppm.